Melania Trump to make first campaign appearance in months

First lady Melania Trump will join President Donald Trump at his Erie, Pennsylvania, rally on Tuesday evening, according to a White House official. It will be the first lady’s first in-person appearance at a campaign event, outside of August’s Republican National Convention speech at the White House, in more than a year, when she joined the President last June at the official reelection kick-off rally in Florida.

Esper appears to backtrack on Beirut blast cause

Defense Secretary Mark Esper is downplaying any differences he had with the White House’s assessment as to what caused the deadly explosion in Beirut after his speculation that the blast was likely the result of an accident drew push back from the White House.

White House hosts a party in the midst of a pandemic

The White House was always one of the busiest social hubs in Washington, accustomed to hosting at least three to five events per day, ranging from meetings with dignitaries and VIPs to smaller luncheons or private dinners. That is, until Covid-19.

White House virus test has questionable accuracy

President Donald Trump said part of the reason he doesn’t regularly wear a mask is “everyone’s tested” before they see him. But multiple studies have raised questions about the accuracy of a coronavirus test the White House has used, and the Food and Drug Administration has received dozens of reports of potential problems with that test.

Military spouses across the US organize and march in support of Black Lives Matter

“I was screaming at the television,” an African American Navy spouse told CNN, as she watched peaceful protesters running from military police and law enforcement officers who were advancing on them near the White House. Protestors were covering their ears with their hands and gripping their mouths as they tried to escape the acrid clouds of smoke and wafting pepper spray.

The top 10 women Biden might pick as vice president

Ambitious politicians spend years seeking to shape a career that allows them to wind up in the White House or on a major party’s national ticket. But as the last week has reminded us, unforeseen events always seem to intervene — and have the potential to fundamentally alter even the best laid plans.

Diplomats fear blow to US moral authority

Less than 24 hours after law enforcement officials violently dispersed peaceful protesters outside the White House with pepper balls and rubber bullets, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with survivors of China’s brutal 1989 crackdown on the pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square.

White House ramps up PR campaign to improve Trump’s image

The aggressive new White House campaign to improve America’s perceptions of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis was in full swing Friday — from the President’s sunny predictions in the Rose Garden about developing a vaccine to the press secretary’s attempted takedown of the Obama administration’s pandemic playbook in the White House briefing room.