Striking photos of Black cowboys and cowgirls in US cities

As a child, while visiting family in Texas, photographer Kennedi Carter remembers Black cowboys riding their horses on the side of the highway. That image stayed with her over the years, as the North Carolina native began her career taking emotive photographs of Black life as well as striking editorial images. (Last December, Carter notably became the youngest photographer to shoot a British Vogue cover.)

Terrifying scope of Capitol attack becoming clearer

Federal authorities are piecing together a chilling picture of the January 6 insurrection that reveals major security and intelligence failures, underscores profound fissures in American society and hints at the political challenges ahead for President-elect Joe Biden, even as they race to ensure the safety of US leaders and next week’s inauguration.

What is the Insurrection Act?

Viral social media posts have falsely claimed that President Donald Trump invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 law to deploy American soldiers to police US streets. That didn’t happen.

Trump picks replacement for Atlanta’s US attorney

President Donald Trump on Monday ordered a US attorney from southern Georgia to take over the nearby Atlanta office in an unusual move at the same time that Georgia and the Atlanta US Attorney has become a focus of the President in his attempt to overturn the state’s certified election results.

Concern mounts over government cyber agency’s struggle to respond to hack fallout

With Microsoft acknowledging for the first time this past week that suspected Russian hackers behind a massive government security breach also gained access to its source code, pressure is mounting on US officials and cybersecurity experts to explain how the attackers infiltrated various US computer networks, what they did once inside and the steps that are being taken to mitigate the damage.

14 million US households are at risk of eviction

John Ayers’ face filled with pride as he listed everything he used to be able to afford as an insurance agent — $2,000 monthly rent, hundreds of dollars in prescriptions for his severe arthritis and diabetes, and even a regular Uber driver, known as Fast Ice, to take him grocery shopping in a black Mercedes-Benz van.

Why the longest-serving speaker in the US is on the verge of being ousted

Illinois State House Speaker Mike Madigan has held his post almost continually since he first won it in 1983. He represents one of the last vestiges of the old party boss system — a man not terribly well-known outside of the city of Chicago but someone who, arguably, wields more influence than any other single figure in this massive Midwestern state.