CNN to cover July 4th from coast-to-coast

As the nation continues to move toward a return to normal, CNN will celebrate the reopening of the country with a special, live July 4th prime-time program featuring fireworks displays from coast-to-coast and musical performances celebrating the United States’ diversity.

Covid-19 travel restrictions state by state

Total cases of Covid-19 reached around the 33.3 million mark in the United States by early June. But with the ongoing vaccination campaign and declining rates of infection, domestic US travel picked up considerably. Very few states had travel restrictions heading into June — and the rules that are remaining are generally less strict.

Trump-era policy Biden administration uses to expel migrants faces uncertain future

President Joe Biden came into office pledging to reverse a slew of Trump-era policies that had restricted immigration to the United States. But for months, Biden officials have relied on an unprecedented Trump policy put in place at the US southern border that’s led to half a million migrants being swiftly sent back to Mexico or to their home countries since its implementation.

Apple invests $1 billion in new US campus

Apple is doubling down on its manufacturing presence in the United States. The company announced Monday it’s bolstering a previously announced investment by an additional 20% and adding another 20,000 new jobs.