How the investigation into Rudy Giuliani is unfolding

With the presidential election fewer than 90 days away, federal prosecutors in New York face a narrowing window in which to take overt steps — including bring charges — in their investigation of Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, and his Soviet-born associates.

Opinion: Miami-Dade leaders’ disastrous Covid-19 response

Early this year, the world watched in horror while the global pandemic took hold of Italy. Leaders in the United States watched too, but failed to prepare for what was coming. Instead of prepping our health care systems to brace for impact, President Donald Trump’s administration looked away from the looming crisis and promoted a false narrative that Covid-19 was not going to affect our country.

White House’s Independence Day party attendees will social distance

The White House Fourth of July party will observe social distancing guidelines for guests, according to a spokesman. This marks a change from recent events hosted by President Donald Trump, including an upcoming July 3rd trip to Mount Rushmore and a political rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which resulted in quarantine for all his campaign staff who attended.

The politics of wearing a mask hits Alabama’s Senate race

Democratic Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama is running a new television ad commending people in his state for following the advice of medical professionals and wearing masks, as top Republicans pressure President Donald Trump to encourage Americans to wear them to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Trump spreads lies about voter fraud

Reeling after a weekend campaign rally with lower-than-expected turnout, President Donald Trump changed the subject Monday morning with a series of widely debunked lies about alleged voter fraud in US elections, stoking fears of a “rigged election” this November.

McEnany defends Trump using racist term

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is defending President Donald Trump’s recent use of the term “kung flu” to refer to the coronavirus at a rally over the weekend, insisting that it isn’t racist.

Bolton calls Trump ‘na├»ve and dangerous’

Former White House national security adviser John Bolton called President Donald Trump “naive and dangerous,” in an ABC News interview that aired Sunday, adding that he hopes his former boss will be remembered as a one-term president.

Retired generals pull support for Trump nominee

At least two retired Army generals have pulled their support for President Donald Trump’s nominee to oversee the Pentagon’s policy shop after CNN’s KFile reported last week that he has a history of making Islamophobic and inflammatory remarks against prominent Democratic politicians, including falsely calling former President Barack Obama a Muslim.