What a new report tells us about how people voted in 2020

More than half a year after the 2020 presidential election, research is starting to provide a more precise picture of the demographic composition of the 2020 electorate, how various groups voted, and what changed from previous elections. The latest entry, released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center, credits Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump to shifts in key groups, including suburban voters and political independents, that “on balance…helped Biden a little more than Trump.”

Opinion: The perilous journeys of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

“Wailing in fear,” the crew of Odysseus’ boat row toward two “enormous crags.” To starboard was the cave of Scylla, a “terrible, savage, wild” creature with 12 legs, six “long swaying necks, a hideous head on each … barbed with a triple row of fangs.” To port was “awesome Charybdis,” a treacherous whirlpool. As the panicked sailors stare at the churning water, six of their number are snatched by the monster and swallowed up.

This is the American economy Joe Biden inherits

Michelle Bennett is trying to keep life inside her Waldorf, Maryland, home as normal as possible during Covid-19. Three of her four daughters are learning remotely, while she makes them three meals a day. But outside, the relentless threat of eviction keeps knocking.

The US economy is about to shrink, JPMorgan warns

The pandemic is intensifying, statewide curfews are back and Washington is asleep at the wheel. This toxic backdrop is derailing the US economic recovery just as Joe Biden prepares to take charge — and JPMorgan is warning the economy is in fact about to shrink.